"The sessions have been beautiful and luscious.
My husband detects the work we've done in me, which is wonderfully reinforcing. He thinks I should continue with you, which I'd like as well."
– Madison Chase, Ph.D.
Private Sessions

Private sessions are a way to address specific issues regarding sexuality, intimacy, meditation, and much more using the techniques and meditations of tantra. Sessions may be booked for 1 to 3 hours in length and are designed to support the client in accessing their full ecstatic potential.


Couples and singles are welcome. Telephone, outcall, Skype and ZOOM sessions also available. Additional fee for outcall sessions, please inquire when booking. 


Los Angeles . Monday - Friday by appointment


Private work includes breathing practices, meditation techniques, bio-energetic tools and more. There is no nudity or sexual contact in the sessions. Individuals and couples may explore issues such as . . .


  • Tantric Lovemaking & Spirituality
  • Tools for Initiating & Deepening Intimacy
  • Dynamic Meditations . . . in Every Day Activities
  • Sexual Empowerment for Women, Men & Adolescents
  • Support in the Awakening Process





7 Levels of Ecstasy

Sessions are composed of dynamic meditations, Tantric Sutras, bio-energetic practices, relationship building tools, shamanic practices, Tantric purification practices, communication techniques, partner yoga, gentle movement exercises and inspiring homework assignments that will continue to nourish your practice in the future.


Each of these 7 themes reflects the path taken by the kundalini as she moves through the human body on her journey to unite with her beloved ...


  • Session 1:  Tantra . The Yoga of Love
  • Session 2:  Sexual Energy Cultivation
  • Session 3:  Channeling Sexual Energy in Lovemaking
  • Session 4:  Sexual Communication & Trust 
  • Session 5:  Giving & Receiving Pleasure
  • Session 6:  Sexual Ecstasy & Orgasm Mastery
  • Session 7:  The Heart of the Lotus 


Los Angeles . Monday - Friday . 10:00 am - 4:00 pm . By appointment.  


Private work includes breathing practices, meditation techniques, bio-energetic tools and more. Singles and couples welcome. Outcall and resort destinations are also possible at additional cost. There is no nudity or sexual contact in the sessions. 






Tantra Ancillary Modality Treatment Plan

Working in tandem with therapist to support couples and individuals who have difficulty with connecting, being open-hearted, sexual, etc.


Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary focusing her research and study on the ancient and modern forms of Tantra, bio-energetics, and the actualization of human potential through sexuality.  
Dawn has a degree in psychology from the University of California, Davis, and has completed extensive training in Tantra, Yoga, Sexuality, Bioenergetics, Meditation, and Expressionistic Movement & Art. She has studied many schools of Tantra including Neo-Tantra, Shaktism, Kashmirian Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Tantric Buddhism, Tantric Kriya Yoga and the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.
Founder of the Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute in Los Angeles, California, Dawn lives in Los Angeles, California. 


Tantra Ancillary Modality Treatment Plan


Tantra includes practices that support couples and individuals in creating greater intimacy and sexual authenticity in their lives. Through the practice of Tantra, there can be a transformation from repressed or blocked sexuality to free flowing self-love, confidence and trust in the experience of sex.  


The Tantra Ancillary Modality Treatment Plan offers support, working in tandem with therapists, to teach couples and individuals Tantra techniques for creating intimate connection and opening the heart in sex, whether genital or non-genital. During treatment Dawn will interface with the therapist, reporting what comes up in the Tantra sessions so the therapist can process the material in their sessions.   


Presenting Issues: Difficulty connecting, being open-hearted, sexual, etc. 


Goal 1: Clients will develop ways to connect and open their hearts using Tantra practices, measured by tracking self-reports of connection and intimacy. 


Objective 1.a: Clients will track progress through weekly check-ins.


Objective 1.b: Clients will learn to identify various ways of connecting and opening their hearts using Tantra practices - physical and non-physical, alone and with a partner.


Objective 1.c: Clients will learn Tantra coping strategies for feeling connection and heart-openness even in distance. 



  • Tantra sessions to learn simple connection and heart-opening practices including: seeing one another again for the first time, remembering how you fell in love, breathing in sync, connecting heart-to-heart and gentle non-sexual touch.
  • Homework assignments between sessions will consist of e-mailing Dawn notes pertaining to the Tantra practices covered in the session and practicing connection and heart-opening techniques at home 2-3 times per week.

Goal 2: Clients will improve sexual connection using Tantra practices, measured by tracking self-reports of sexual connection.


Objective 2.a: Clients will learn Tantra practices that support sexual connection.


Objective 2.b: Clients will learn to identify various ways of connecting sexually using Tantra practices - physical and non-physical, alone and with a partner.


Objective 2.c: Clients will track progress through weekly check-ins.



  • Tantra sessions to learn sexual connection practices including: breathing heart-to-heart, melting touch, identifying, recognizing and opening to sexual arousal, keeping the heart open in the “yes” and the “no”, sexual communication, sexual body listening and sensual touch.
  • Homework assignments between sessions will consist of e-mailing notes of Tantra practices covered in the session to Dawn and practicing sexual connection at home 2-3 times per week.

Estimated Time Frame: 6-12 months



Sexual Rejuvenation for Women

Love, health, happiness and abundance are intimately connected to your sexuality. Sexuality is the center of your creativity, a vibrant aspect of being a woman and living your life as your most radiant self.


Your Sexuality is An Inner Resource


When we think of sex, we often think of a partner, yet it’s important to realize our sexuality is an inner resource that ignites our health, love and happiness in infinite ways. Your sexual energy is your inner radiance, it is your reservoir of energy and vitality, it is the source of your creativity in and out of the bedroom. 


Compassion for Past Challenges and Hurts


Most of us have experienced challenge some where along our sexual journey. You may have faced difficulty in maintaining a fulfilling sexual relationship with yourself and your partner at various stages of life, especially during and after childbirth and menopause. You may find yourself too exhausted for sex - too exhausted to even imagine feeling sexy. You may experience pain during sex. You may have had experiences in your past that have put a damper on your relationship with your sexuality, bringing shame, fear and hopelessness. And, even if you've never experienced these challenges yourself, you know amazing, beautiful women who have - making it important to support a vibrant, healthy sense of sexuality for everyone, beginning with you. Your past does not define you, it is your strength, compassion and vibrance that shape your future.


Demystifying Sex and Sexiness Pleasure and Desire


All along, we’ve believed that sex and sexiness are something that “just happens”. We’ve been taught to believe that feeling our sexual vibrance is something that appears mysteriously and that we have no control over the waxing and waning of pleasure and desire. In our work together, you’ll learn that the opposite is true. It is not only possible to ignite your sexual spark and keep it burning 24/7 - the journey to pleasurable sex is more beautiful and inspiring than you’d ever expect. 


Sexual Rejuvenation for Women Private Session Journey


The Sexual Rejuvenation Journey is a dynamic 3-month sex and intimacy group coaching program for women, customized to your unique needs and desires. The Sexual Rejuvenation sessions are a way to address specific issues such as:

  • Initiation Onto the Path of Tantra
  • Accessing Your Sexual Essence
  • Intimacy
  • Orgasm
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Tantric Lovemaking
  • Tantric Energy Cultivation
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Hormonal Challenges Related to Childbirth, Menopause, etc.
  • Open-hearted Sexuality
  • Femininity and Receptivity
  • Vaginismus
  • Genital Insensitivity
  • And much more . . . using the techniques and meditations of Tantra.  


The Sexual Rejuvenation Journey is a dynamic 3-month group coaching program for women. Sessions are designed to support you in accessing your full sexual potential. Women in partnership and single women of all ages are welcome. Women under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult family member. Telephone, outcall and Skype sessions also available. Outcall and resort destinations are possible at an additional cost. ​



Private NeoTantra Retreat

We will create a private retreat in the beautiful, serene location of your choice, where you will be guided into exploring your truly unique sexual self for the very first time using the practices and intimate techniques of NeoTantra. You will discover, practice and learn new ways to expand your sexual awareness and response. You will open your heart to sex and intimacy in new and exhilarating ways. Your Private 1:1 NeoTantra Retreat is designed so that you will emerge refreshed, enlivened, deliciously sensuous and deeply connected to the natural flow of your sexual energy.


Each Private 1:1 NeoTantra Retreat consists of three 2-hour private sessions per day, customized to your needs and desires. The NeoTantra sessions are a way to explore specific practices such as:


Igniting the Heart . Experiencing your unique sexual respose flow in your body for the first time. 


The Art of Ecstatic Touch . Four levels of ecstatic response, expanding your capacity for extended sexual pleasure.


Breath of Fire . Stirring the embers, creating sexual fire. Building sexual tension and intensity throughout the body.


Seeds of Desire . Dissolving, heart-first, into desire. Desire is an invitation. From you to your future self. It's a way of saying, come sit with me for a while, show me who I am to become. When viewed this way, balance occurs. Longing and despair disappear. Pressure and expectation no longer exist. Creativity and transformation have space to breathe. Desire, then, becomes a compelling exploration, rather than a feeling of lack or need. 


Pleasure Mapping . The body is a landscape of erogenous zone, each with a unique fingerprint for arousal. How do you like to be aroused - what arouses you most?


Love Languages . Ecstatic empathy, discovering your love-style based on the work of Gary Chapman


The Breath of Ecstasy . Creating a pathway for full body orgasm.


River of Pleasure . Bio-energetic practice for increasing orgasmic sensation.


NeoTantra Massage . Blissful full-body massage that includes and awakens the genitals.


Sound Exploration . Extending orgasm via sound.


Wave of Bliss . Moving beyond the orgasm habit into the orgasmic wave.


Extended Orgasm Practice . Increasing the capacity to feel pleasure and give way to surrender.


The 10 NeoTantra Gates . Erogenous zones and awareness practices.


Riding the Tiger . Fire-driven affection, awakening the sexual desires connected with emotion.


Dreams & Desires . Sharing preferences and dreams, what you long for and desire.


Weaving of the Beloveds . How to merge with another?  A NeoTantra energy practice designed to weave you together with a partner as one body, heart and spirit.


Beyond Bliss . Adventuring beyond orgasm, increasing your capacity for passion and pleasure.


Awakened Heart . Creating greater fullness in the genitals, so that the genitals are literally filled with heart.


Each Private 1:1 NeoTantra Retreat consists of three 2-hour private sessions per day, plus delcious practices and juicy homework in the beautiful, serene location of your choice. Sessions are customized to your needs and desires and are designed to support you in accessing your full sexual potential. Three-day minimum.





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